Friday, June 30, 2017

YTT Nugget Conglomeration

Our last assignment in yoga teacher training (YTT) was to write a letter to self on our growth the past nine months and what we've come to know about ourselves. 

I am. I am that. So hum. You are a child of god. You are human and accept others’ humanness. You are so much more than you labeled yourself, more than the box you believed existed.

Be the kind of person you’d like to meet. Continually rewrite your story. You create your own reality.
Everything that has happened to you in the past was to prepare me for what you’re meant to become.

Visualizing is important. What it is you believe about yourself will reflect back at you. Create your day with your image of the future. If you think it, it will become. Your point of attention is what grows. Your thoughts are what you are giving power to. What are you focusing your thoughts on? What consumes your mind controls your life. Your mind is a powerful thing; when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change. What we think about excessively eventually will become.

You committed to a nine month journey of becoming a yoga teacher and transforming self along the way. You committed to having migraine free days, starting a dog walking company for flexibility, completing a four month apprenticeship with elephant journal to become a stronger writer and share learnings with others, finishing a life coach course to improve communication and help others live the lives they’ve imagined, and starting a SUP yoga company to play outside. You committed to growing a community. Because of your steady commitments and watering of the seeds every day, you are coming closer and closer to your purpose. You are on the right path.

Think big. Think outside the box. You have choices, always. Open your eyes. Who would have thought an opportunity to work on a retreat for migraine sufferers was in your future! Stay focused on your passions, your purpose, and sharing your gifts with others. The opportunities will keep arising. Don’t stay in a comfortable place, take the leap on the trapeze to the other bar. Are you not shining to make others comfortable?

Don’t worry about the how. You like controlled stability, but sometimes you just have to trust that the universe has your back. If something doesn’t happen it’s because something better for you is on the way. Continue to water your seeds daily, even if it’s just something seemingly small you do. Are your actions harmonious with who you aspire to be? Are your feelings, thoughts, and words aligned? Plan, evaluate, but then let go of your need to control the outcome. It’s ok to be excited; the other shoe won’t drop. Don’t waste precious time on fear and worry. You are on your path that the universe wants to happen for you. Let go and let god. What would happen if you did fail? What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not that bad. Go with the flow. Trust that the path will illuminate itself and be revealed as you go along.

People who challenge you the most are your teachers.

You are capable. You’ve done yoga for countless hours. Teach what you know and what you’re good at. You don’t have to be all things to all people. Share what you have to offer and that is enough. You do not need anyone to validate you. “Shoulds” are someone else’s vision for you. Get rid of your limiting thoughts. Be your biggest cheerleader. Would you want to be in a relationship with yourself? How are you treating and talking to yourself?

You are a type two, the helper. You want to be loved, fear not being loved, being unwanted, and being alone. Always ask yourself why you are doing something. Ensure it is not to be needed, for someone to think you are special. Notice the difference between feeling obligation versus genuine enthusiasm. You don’t have to win anyone over. You are loved by the universe.

You have to let go to make room for the new, for something to come in.

You can be a healer through your words. You are the medicine woman. You want to help others, are compassionate, and caring. You are highly intuitive. You can communicate the subtle truths about the human condition in ways that are profound, beautiful, and effective.

You are enough for yourself, but it’s ok to ask for help.

What legacy are you leaving behind? Is what you’re doing bringing you closer to the divine or away from it? Ask your spirit guides to guide you to where your highest self is supposed to be. Don’t be afraid of their answers.

Have a gratitude practice. Pray. Meditate. Do self-reiki. Contemplate. Write. Journal. Do art. Dance. Trust your gut and intuition always. Listen to your body. Listen. Enjoy this life. Be real, authentic. Why not?

And at times, just be. Relish in it.

The greatest sin is you not allowing yourself to be who you are.

Strive for the angel bumps.

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