Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016...a year in review

2016…so much can happen in a year! 

Some of the bigger milestones… Me and my two fur children moved in with Troy (shout out to the AK Rowdy Movers!), we celebrated our one year anniversary, and at the end of the year we bought a house!  If you told me a year ago I’d be buying a house, I’d tell you that was crazy talk.  But I’m so glad we did.  The house has quickly felt like home.  It is surrounded by trees in a friendly cul de sac and is my sanctuary.  I found this majestic trail close by where I can walk our dogs in the woods off leash.  It feels right to grow roots in Mooresville where I’ve grown a community.  I have moved seven times in the past six years and it feels calming having a house of our own.  And that man… he is 1000 times better than anyone I had ever imagined up.  I am so happy he exists and we are tackling life together…and he has taught me how to dream big again. 

New beginnings.  We started yoga teacher training.  I started this blog!  With Hands on Charlotte, I brought pet visits to a nursing home in Mooresville.  Other things in the hopper not quite ready for prime time! 

Travel, visitors, family, friendship, and fun!  Travel and new activities and events bring me energy.  I went on a five day surf and yoga retreat to Nicaragua and had a blast despite my bum ankle in a walking boot!  I surfed for the first time (ok I stood up on a surf board…)!  We spent weekends in Charleston, Ohio, Myrtle Beach, Asheville, and Hayesville with truly amazing people that just the thought of make me smile.  There was the deep sea fishing incident of 2016.  We vacationed in the quaint magical town of Manistee, MI where we traipsed around on a tandem bike and body boarded on sleds.  We did a wine and yoga retreat to Temecula, CA.  I shot a gun for the first time in PA!  Just recounting all of the places we have explored I feel so blessed.  And all the things we have done locally!  I got a mountain bike…and fell off said bike… I wake surfed (ok I stood up on a wake board…) for the first time!   Aerial yoga, game nights with so much laughter, paddles, the Rudder farewell, Dixie Chicks, dinners, bonfires, fireworks, birthday parties, a surprise wedding, my koala bear!, hammock time, flailing off the jump at the white water center!  We are so blessed to have had so many family and friends visit.  We love having guests and spending time with everyone. 

The migraines… multiple times a day since June.  The epstein-barr virus.  The fatigue.  I… manage it…try to control it…do my best to contain it.  I try not to feel… shameful…frustrated… that I haven’t beat it…yet…and the impact on not just me but others.  You try to maintain this perfect balance of eating, thinking, meditating, exercising, resting.  I often can find relief in yoga, exercising, acupuncture, meditation, the numerous neck massages Troy gives without me even asking, walks with my dogs, hikes, naps!, and in the evenings and the breaks in between auras.  I am thankful for the doctors I have found.  I can’t meditate all day, so I am hopeful the cycle will break soon.  I am thankful for the time I have been able to spend focused on my health.  It is often times easy to forget all of the other things that happened in 2016 when the migraines seem like such a large part and I had a migraine during a large portion of the events.  I ask for…patience…with not being able to control this.  My doctors tell me my life doesn’t stop because you have migraines and you go on living despite (or in spite of) the migraines.  I don’t talk about them much unless someone asks, but for me it’s always on my mind.  For every event you see on a Facebook highlight reel, there is an event I’ve turned down or left extremely early, or one that I just never planned (as I am the local events coordinator).  My new year’s resolution is to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.  If anyone has any tips, please share.  This is very challenging for me, but I am hopeful it will help my migraines and I will have a migraine free day very soon.  “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow,'” wrote Mary Anne Radmacher.  I am not my migraines… I am a person dealing with migraines. 

I learned so much about myself and relationships.  I’ve been challenged to trust… in love, in my health and ability to heal, and in myself and my decisions. 

Words that I keep hearing over and over from others or read in books are … don’t take anything for granted.  Slow down.  Have compassion.  Listen to your intuition.  Ensure every action and inaction serves you, your family, your community, and the greater good.  Live the life you love.  Be conscious of your thoughts.  What you send out into the universe is what comes back to you.  Share your gifts.  I have choices.  Find joy in every moment.   Patterns.  Boundaries. 

I’ve started a Good Vibes jar for 2017 where I add a note every day for a moment that I don’t want to forget.  The above summary didn’t do 2016 justice and I know I’ve forgotten so many things.  I’ve planted many a seed in 2016 that I am looking forward to seeing flourish in 2017 and beyond.  They may not grow up on the straight vine I envision, but I know they will get to where they are supposed to be … I love this life… and am happy knowing the best is yet to come.